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Super mario maker ( or SMM ), is a game originally for the Wii U. It was bought to the 3DS in 2016, a year later. You get to create any mario levels you want. Some enemies you can shake in edit mode to turn them into different enemies.

Playing other courses

The only way you can search up other players courses is using the course code which contain 16 digits. ( eg. 1111-1111-1111-1111 )

The other way you can FIND courses is by MOST POPULAR, LATEST, RANDOM, SEARCH

Hidden Minigame?

To get the hidden minigame you will need to shake a buzzy Beatle until 3 flys appear. Keep shaking until the Queen Fly comes. Tap her 5 times to unlock the minigame. The game is when you continueously swat the flies.